Forestry equipment works extremely hard in an often harsh environment.  The condition of equipment fluids can seriously affect the safety of operators as well as the life and profitability of the equipment.   

Some areas we can assist with are:

  • Diesel fuel contamination - water accumulates in all fuel tanks and must be removed at regular intervals.  A water layer can allow biological contamination to grow, which can result in blocked filters.  But the water itself can be more dangerous as it can pass through filters and damage fuel systems. 
  • Dirt and water ingress can cause rapid destruction of an engine and transmission components.  Routine oil sampling can detect compartments that have been compromised and allow preventative action.
  • Hydraulic oils operate under high pressure and microscopically small particles can cause abnormal wear and shorten the life of the system.  Laser particle counting can assist with managing fluids and filters to ensure safety and maximum profitability of an asset.