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Why Analyse ?

There’s no doubt that preventive maintenance is your best defence against mechanical failures. But in spite of the best routine maintenance practices, factors beyond your control can sometimes cause unseen critical wear in your equipment.

This is where we can help. Gough’s fluid analysis programme, can detect contaminants and changes in the oil condition. By analyzing the oil at each oil change, we can keep you aware of the condition of your most important mechanical components.

How does Gough’s fluid analysis program work?

Buy an oil sample kit from us, take a sample of oil, fill out the simple data form and then just put it in the mail – freepost. All instructions are supplied. It couldn’t be easier.

When your sample reaches our Christchurch lab we will:

  • Measure the level of wear on components.
  • Identify any harmful contaminants.
  • Evaluate the oil condition.
  • Interpret the results and report back to you within 24 hours for urgent samples.
  • You can view the results via a free website:-

The report is a detailed evaluation including comments and recommendations.

What can the analysis do for you?

All results and interpretations are kept on the Gough’s Oil Commander database, which allows you (and us) to build a service history of the sampled compartment. This trend will allow you to see (via our website how well the compartment is performing over time and will enable you to:

  • Better plan your maintenance.
  • Pinpoint potential problems.
  • Avoid costly time off the road.
  • Optimise oil change periods.

So what do we know about oils in other equipment? Over 20% of the oil samples we receive are from other than earthmoving equipment. We analyse oil from aeroplanes, racing cars, highway truck, industrial machinery, wind turbines, ski lifts and more. We also analyse: coolant, fuel and grease.

For more information on our test regimes and tariffs,  please call 0800 OILLAB  (0800 645522)

Work more, Earn more, Last longer and cost less to run!

Or phone our parts line on 0800 93 39 39 to order a sample kit.



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