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Fuel Contamination

Fuel Contamination

 With fuel contamination issues on the rise and high pressure injection systems becoming less tolerant of this contamination monitoring of fuel quality has become an important tool.

 Whenever there is water/moisture present microbial contamination (bacteria, yeasts, moulds and the “Diesel Bug” fungi – Hormoconis resinae) has the ability to grow in any tank no matter the size or application. Keeping on top of this growth with good housekeeping (regular water drains, monitoring and treatment, when required) is paramount to maintaining the quality of the fuel in your fuel storage, delivery and equipment systems.

 Clean fuel that is “Fit for Purpose” dramatically reduces incidences of:

·         Blocked filters and engine shutdowns

·         Equipment down time and lost income

·         Excessive emissions and consumption

·         And damage to expensive pumps, injectors and tank surfaces.

 The most efficient way to stay on top of this fuel contamination is to monitor the quality of the fuel in your tanks on a regular basis.

 Monitoring is now a whole lot easier with the introduction of the FUELSTAT® Test Kit for the rapid detection of microbial contamination in diesel and biodiesel fuels. Developed by Conidia Bioscience from their hugely successful aviation test, Fuelstat™ resinae (approved by IATA, Boeing and Airbus), this innovative pregnancy style test is accurate and VERY FAST, thereby offering the equipment operator the ability to get results within a few short minutes of their sample being put on test.

 The speed of results and the three tier levels, Negligible, Moderate or Heavy, enable real time decisions to be made and treatment, if required, to be undertaken before any contamination can cause further damage.

 By utilising FUELSTAT® you can achieve the benefits of increased productivity from a well maintained fuel delivery system. The FUELSTAT® Test Kits are available from the Goughs Fluid Analysis Centre.

 If you would like further details or to order FUELSTAT® Test Kit for the rapid detection of microbial contamination in diesel and biodiesel fuels , please call:

 Goughs Fluid Centre on 0800 OILLAB (0800 645522).


Overview of FUELSTAT® Test Kit

Detailed information of FUELSTAT® Test Kit

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