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The Benefits of Oil Analysis

  Here's Why Here's How
Work MoreYou can achieve higher productivity from your machine when you know what’s going on inside it.
For a start it could put in more hours by taking fewer hours off.
It certainly can work more!
You get the best performance from your machine when it’s running perfectly.
We make that easier to achieve.
Then when it needs a break, we’ll tell you well ahead so it doesn’t go and lie down on the job.
Earn MoreYour machinery can pay for itself better when it’s on deck and in great shape.
And when it can keep on working hard right through till the job’s done - then it’s really earning its keep.
It can definitely earn more!

When your machine’s hard at work, it’s a profit centre not an overhead.
We make sure it keeps working.
The harder it works the closer we watch it so it keeps on paying its way.
Then when its time to trade in, our work helps to get you a better deal.

Last LongerYou expect fair wear and tear - but there could be damage inside your machine that’s far from fair.
If you know what’s going on you can turn it off.
Your machine can last longer - thats for sure!
We track down and sort out any wear and tear that’s making trouble for your machine - and fix the problem at the source, long before it turns into a big repair and costs you the earth.
Your machine runs better, wears less, works longer and lasts longer.
Cost Less
To Run
Regular work pays the fixed overheads like operator costs, finance, insurance etc.
But an intelligent maintenance program can pay major dividends. Knowing the right time to replace parts, overhaul or even rebuild gives you a huge advantage.
And fewer headaches.
If a serious problem develops undetected, the cost of sudden repairs can be crippling.
You will pay a lot less if you know a lot more in advance.
Because we know exactly what’s going on inside your machine, you can control the cost and timing of repairs and maintenance. Early warnings prevent costly breakdowns.
Downtime is scheduled, not brought on by a failure.
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